EDM Wire erosion

Edm wire erosion

Amdale has over 25 years experience in EDM Wire Erosion and has continuously invested in the latest technology in this area. The benefit of EDM Wire Erosion over conventional precision machining processes is its ability to machine components in their finished state, from tungsten carbide to annealed copper. Burr-free parts with corner radii of less than 0.06mm make the EDM Wire Erosion process a fast, economical method of producing accurate, intricate parts in low or high volume batches.

On some intricate components made from exotic materials it may be more productive to use EDM Wire Erosion as a precision profiling process and finish the part using 5-Axis Machining. Engineering in this way means it is possible to drastically reduce the number of machining processes, which in turn facilitates shorter lead times and lower costs.