2012, What a year for Amdale!

2012 has been a tremendous year for Amdale as we have seen significant changes that have really boosted Amdale’s capabilities within the ever changing environment of precision engineering.

Managing Director, Martin Koerner puts much of Amdale’s success this year down to our commitment to technology and quality inspection. Amdale have invested in two new additional 5 axis milling machines which joined our all ready well equipped 5 axis machining cell. This additional capacity has meant that we have been able to keep up with the high demands from our customers and improve upon lead times, which is extremely important to the market sectors that we cater for.

Continual Commitment to Precision Engineering

Our commitment to quality has been significantly evident this year as the quality inspection department has seen additional capacity through a further CMM, together with an additional Quality Inspector. Quality is key to Amdale’s success andwe believe that in order to achieve complete quality control it is necessary to implement this at all stages of production, not just at the end. The additions to the Quality Inspection department means Amdale are able to continuously reduce waste and increase efficiency, which in turn has the same effect on our customer’s projects.

Amdale have recently undergone a re-brand which consisted of a new company website and logo. The re-brand will go live at the beginning of 2013, the new design reflects the company’s mission to not only meet but exceed customer’s expectations providing our customers with excellence in complex precision machining. Amdale are committed to providing the latest innovative technology and the new brand identity represents this successfully.

Quality, Reliability and Customer Service

The re-brand is part of a series of initiatives to help Amdale meet the increasing demand for relevant information from the growing number of people interested in complex precision engineering. The purpose of the re-brand is to transform Amdale from a traditional English engineering firm to a leading international engineering brand. Amdale is synonymous with quality, reliability and customer service and this move enables us to extend the reach of our brand to additional new markets.

With our highly skilled and experienced employees and a well equipped shop floor means that Amdale are looking forward to 2013 and the exciting projects it will bring. All of our employees share the dedication to high quality, reliability and customer service which is why Amdale is achieving great success and will continue to in 2013.