Our Commitment to Quality!

Amdale Limited based in Portsmouth, Hampshire have always been committed to providing excellence in complex precision engineering and the quality inspection department plays a vital role in Amdale’s success.

The Quality Inspection Department is an integral part of Amdale, covering all aspects of the production process, from the initial customer enquiry through to final inspection. Amdale are always striving for continuous improvement which we can deliver to our customers.

ISO 9001 Accreditated

All of our machined components are inspected to a high standard whilst utilising the latest fully-calibrated measuring equipment. Amdale holds the ISO 9001 2008 accreditation for Quality Management Systems and we pride ourselves on our reputation for the highest quality, which keeps our valued customers returning to us.

Our Coordinate Measuring Machines have first class accuracy and state-of-the-art dynamics throughout for optimised workflow, which means Amdale can increase capacity and reduce machine downtime for maximum performance in minimum time. Amdale have just recently invested in a third CCM to add to the quality inspection department. Which means Amdale have increased capacity to ensure tight delivery times are achieved.  

Continuously Exceed Customer Expectations

Amdale Limited believe that in order to achieve complete quality control it is necessary to implement this at all stages of production, not just at the end.  Quality control is imperative at the planning stage of production and together with the latest CMM equipment and highly skilled quality inspectors means Amdale are able to continuously exceed expectations, reduce waste and increase efficiency, which in turn has the same effect on our customer’s projects. 

If you have a project which requires intricate machining contact Amdale to discuss how we can help you. sales@amdale.co.uk