How are we tackling the skills gap in Engineering?

Precision engineering forms the backbone of manufacturing activity; it forms an integral part of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering. From semiconductor chips, to the most advanced medical devices and the most sophisticated drill parts used in oil exploration, precision engineered products play a vital role in the development of the overall economy.

So what will happen in 10 years time when all of the highly skilled engineers we have, retire? The British industry will need 100,000 new graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics subjects every year until 2020 just to maintain current employment numbers.

Each day the gap in question gets a little wider. A high rate of retirement from the workforce has not been balanced with a replenishment of younger engineering stock, engineers with skills and knowledge are now needed to enable the industry to embrace its hi-tech future

It is crucial that the government, businesses, professional bodies, education and the wider engineering community continue to work together to ensure that the UK has the talent pipeline ready to meet demand.

At Amdale, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our employees and we invest in them in order to get the best results. Martin Koerner, Managing Director at Amdale commented “The people we have in the company cannot be replaced as we cannot get these skills easily, they have been nurtured and developed in order to become the successful technical professionals that they are”.

At Amdale we encourage a diverse team and our employees are bringing a new dynamic to the business which we feel is enhancing our competitive advantage within the market. One of the ways in which we achieve this is to introduce varied skills into our workforce through apprenticeship programmes. We believe that, when given the chance, young people can be educated to become first-class engineers and on the job training can be just as beneficial as academic learning.

Having a cohesive and collaborative team is one of Amdale’s main strengths as a business, and one of the reasons our employees stay with us for many years, which further enhances the expertise within the industry.

For the last 25 years we have been successfully producing excellent machined components to an array of market sectors such as motorsport, aerospace, medical and automotive. At Amdale we employ some of the most experienced and qualified technicians in the industry and believe that we constantly invest in the next generation of technicians to help build the future of the company.