10 Reasons to choose Amdale!

    1. Customer Service – At Amdale, we build strong working relationships with each customer, based on excellent customer service, quality components and consistent deliveries. We take our customer’s opinions very seriously and are always asking for feedback as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. 
    2. Reputation – Renowned for producing high quality, bespoke, precision engineering solutions amongst prestigious customers, means that Amdale see their customers come back time after time.  Much of the work we carry out is of a confidential nature and so our customers’ trust in us is vital. Amdale has an esteemed reputation for turning around projects within tight timescales and those tight timescales will continue to be met. Where projects require additional treatments and/or finishing processes these are undertaken by approved sub-contractors only, in order to preserve our reputation in the industry.

  1. Experience – Amdale have over 24 years experience, which means we have the skills, understanding and practical knowledge to produce complex precision engineering solutions to an array of market sectors such as aerospace, medical, oil and gas, motorsport and marine engineering.
  2. Technology – Amdale are continuously investing in the latest technology in order to not only meet but exceed their customer’s expectations.  Accuracy and reliability are at the centre of Amdale’s engineering success and we are always striving to achieve more.
  3. Employees – Our qualified engineers are highly experienced in engineering materials, CADCAM and CNC machining techniques.  Amdale offers a traditional Apprenticeship scheme ensuring quality of products, knowledge of modern technologies and “on-the-job training” provides the employees with job satisfaction and complete engineering knowledge. Employees receive ongoing training and development throughout their Amdale careers, in order for the team to always have an up to date understanding and skills that will enable them to deliver high standards of work. All of our employees share the dedication to high quality, reliability and customer service which is why Amdale is achieving great success.
  4. Quality Inspection – Amdale believe that in order to achieve complete quality control it is necessary to implement this at all stages of production, not just at the end.  Quality control is imperative at the planning stage of production and together with the latest CMM equipment means Amdale are able to continuously able to reduce waste and increase efficiency, which in turn has the same effect on our customer’s projects. 
  5. Value – Projects are completed on-time and within budget to a high specification. Customers get highly skilled engineers, the latest and innovative machining technology and an exceptionally well equipped quality inspection department which means Amdale can produce accurate and reliable components at a competitive price. The unrivalled quality of components, short lead times and reliability means that customers are receiving the highest level of value. 
  6. Flexibility –Amdale can turn work around rapidly, both large volumes and single prototypes. Amdale adopt a flexible approach to their work in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
  7. Capabilities – From 5 axis milling, EDW wire erosion to laser engraving, Amdale have a range of machining facilities that complement each other in order to achieve a complete cost effective engineering process for the customer. Amdale use all of their machining capabilities to produce complete machined and finished components which means short lead times and value for money.
  8. Traditional Values – Amdale have maintained their traditional values throughout expansion in an ever changing environment. We believe that our traditional values set us apart from our competitors. We are focused on customer service, quality and reliability, factors which are important to our customers.