Making Complex, Simple!

Amdale Limited based in Portsmouth are specialists in precision engineering and have over 25 years experience. Bespoke, complex projects are Amdale’s area of expertise and we thrive upon the challenges of producing intricate components for a diverse range of market sectors. We are renowned amongst our prestigious customers for the ability to deal with intricate machining, which is down to the investment in new precision engineering technology, experienced employees and our quality inspection department.

5 Axis Machining

Complex components or innovative designs require more sophisticated machining technology which is why we have invested in the latest machining equipment in order to fulfil demand from our customers. 5-Axis Machining, renowned for its accuracy and flexibility, has become Amdale’s main area of expertise. We have invested heavily in this department, with seven modern 5-Axis Machining centres, of which the latest two are enhanced with dynamic accuracy packs on the linear drives, 60-tool carousels, Renishaw probes and laser tool setting.

Sophisticated technology means sophisticated software, at Amdale we use Delcam software which has proved to be a good decision. The first benefit is that there are no data translation problems between receiving customer data and progressing through programming, machining and inspection. Once the data is imported, parts can quickly be prepared for manufacturing, and develop tooling and workholding designs in PowerSHAPE. The speed in which highly detailed parts can be programmed through PowerMILL is also important, plus the multitude of five-axis strategies available means we never get a part of the job we cannot physically machine. Speed of programming and machining is essential to meet the rapid turnaround times demanded by our customers and high accuracy is also important, both to maximise power and to give reliability to components.

Quality Management

Quality management is an integral part of Amdale and the success we have achieved over the last 25 years. Because we have placed a great focus on producing bespoke complex components, quality is key to achieving the tight tolerances that are required. Here at Amdale we are continuously investing in the latest technology because accuracy and reliability are at the centre of Amdale’s engineering success and we are always striving to achieve more.

Our Coordinate Measuring Machines have first class accuracy and state-of-the-art dynamics throughout for optimised workflow, which means Amdale have increased capacity to ensure tight delivery times are achieved and customers receive the highest quality components.

Amdale are renowned for dealing with complex geometrics because of the sectors we cater for. Geometric dimension and tolerance testing (GDT) is important to Amdale, as the demand for this from customers is increasing, particularly in the motorsport and aerospace sectors. As an experienced supplier to the motorsport industry, it is fundamental for Amdale to fully understand GDT as it is essential to every aspect of precision engineering. It provides a more detailed and accurate measurement reading which means we can assure our customers that the parts we supply will perform first time and to the high standards that they require.

If you are experiencing problems with complex projects, please send your precision engineering requirements to or contact us on 02392 660 726.