Precision Engineering and the Aerospace Sector

Amdale Limited based in Portsmouth, provides bespoke complex precision engineering solutions to a range of market sectors. Here at Amdale we want to place our future focus on the aerospace industry and we are now undertaking AS9100 in order to fully serve this dynamic sector.

The UK have a strong competitive advantage in the aerospace market, companies wanting economical components where quality is not of great importance, can find these abroad where prices are kept to a minimum. The aerospace industry is turning to UK suppliers in order to gain the quality and reliability that is required for this dynamic sector.

Precision is Vital

Precision is vital to the aerospace industry which relies on many small intricate parts in order for the advanced technology to function accurately. Most components in aerospace need to be of high quality for durability and made to precise specifications. Suppliers catering for the aerospace sector have to work hard to meet all of the essential requirements.

Amdale are able to produce reliable components for aero-structures, aerospace systems and engine components. We are sophisticated precision engineers and flourish in this environment as our customers demand more innovative precision engineering solutions.

Amdale Produce Innovative Solutions

Amdale Limited is recognised for its ability to deliver innovative solutions to complex engineering problems which would be ideal for the aerospace industry. The aerospace sector is full of demanding characteristics which mean Amdale have the chance to really shine.

Ensuring the level of quality required by the aerospace sector requires state of the art machines, run by qualified engineers who understand the industry. At Amdale, we continuously invest in the latest technology to ensure we are at the forefront of precision engineering.

Aerospace precision engineering requires the strictest tolerances in the industry, which Amdale can cater for with its highly specialised and skilled 5 Axis machining cell and quality inspection department.

Specialists in 5 Axis Machining

Amdale are specialists in 5 axis machining, with seven modern 5 axis milling machines, the sheer number of dedicated 5 axis machines gives Amdale an impressive manufacturing capacity.

At Amdale, value for money is delivered through the quality of the components supplied. We have an enviable reputation for quality and this has been built upon technical expertise and knowledge gained through a vast amount of experience catering for a range of different sectors.

Quality Assurance is an integral part of Amdale, covering all aspects of the production process, from the initial customer enquiry through to final inspection. Amdale are always striving for continual improvement, cut waste, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Managing Director, Martin Koerner commented “We are pleased to announce our commitment to the aerospace industry by undertaking AS9100. We feel that it will enhance our production capabilities which we can pass on to our valued customers. AS9100 is fundamental to the aerospace industry but it will also enhance other sectors we cater for such as motorsport, medical, marine and automotive, because of the enhanced operations, improved performance and productivity together with increased customer satisfaction. The investment into AS9100 reinforces our promise to exceed our customer’s expectations in order to become the supplier of choice.”

At Amdale our extensive knowledge means we can ensure the right combination of expertise, equipment and materials, so aerospace manufacturers can be confident the components they need are delivered to schedule and to exact specification.

For your precision engineering needs please send enquiries to or call us on 02392 660 726.