Amdale is top of the class when it comes to Quality!

On Thursday 2nd of May 2013, our Quality Engineering Manager, Matt Robson visited Hexagon Metrology for a one day SMA training course. Hexagon is a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies that enable their customers to design, measure and position objects, and process and present data.

The SMA training course was attended by quality professionals from a range of sectors such as Motorsport, Aerospace and Sub Contractors. The aim of the course was to provide advice and information on quality related subjects.

Geometric dimension and tolerance testing (GDT) was an important subject covered, as the demand for this from customers is increasing, particularly in the motorsport and aerospace sectors. All course attendees were asked to complete an assessment on GDT to test their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Matt obtained first place in the competition and was awarded an Apple iPad for his exceptional expertise in GDT. He fought off stiff competition from Formula One teams and aerospace suppliers to be awarded first place.

Matt commented “I am very pleased with first place as GDT has become so important to quality inspection at Amdale. The demand for GDT has come from our customers in the areas of motorsport. As an experienced supplier to the motorsport industry, it is fundamental for Amdale to fully understand GDT as it is essential to every aspect of precision engineering. It provides a more detailed and accurate measurement reading which means we can assure our customers that the parts we supply will perform 1st time and to the high standards that they require. The course provided me with some great ideas for future development and investment for the Amdale quality department and I look forward to putting these ideas into action.”

Martin Koerner, Managing Director at Amdale commented “This is a true reflection of our expertise and knowledge when it comes to quality. Here at Amdale we pride ourselves on our quality inspection department as it is an integral part of Amdale, covering all aspects of the production process, from the initial customer enquiry through to final inspection. Amdale are always striving for continual improvement, aim to exceed customer expectations, cut waste, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Matt is a key member of the quality inspection department and we are all pleased that his exceptional knowledge and expertise have been recognised.”

Amdale are renowned amongst our prestigious customers for the ability to deal with bespoke intricate machining. This is down to the investment in new precision engineering technology and quality inspection equipment. Our Coordinate Measuring Machines have first class accuracy and state-of-the-art dynamics throughout for optimised workflow, which means Amdale have increased capacity to ensure tight delivery times are achieved and customers receive the highest level of customer service.

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