Amdale Release First E-brochure

Amdale, a leading supplier to the motorsport, medical and aerospace industries has launched our first e-brochure which is available to download from The new brochure is sleek and stylish which reflects the website design and the company’s mission to not only meet but exceed customer’s expectations providing our customers with excellence in complex precision machining.

This brochure is part of a series of initiatives to re-brand Amdale and meet the increasing demand for relevant information from the growing number of people interested in complex precision engineering. The purpose of the brochure is to give the user a better understanding of Amdale and the type of services we can provide.

Our new website went live just a few weeks ago and includes a downloads page which features the Amdale E-brochure together with the Amdale Plant List and BSI Certificate. The purpose of these downloads is to provide useful information that is of interest and easily accessible to our customers.

The 8 page brochure features information on our range of precision engineering services and can be downloaded as a PDF from our website. The new brochure is based on the design of the website, which features the same imagery, content and layout. The brochure is focused around the services Amdale offer to our customers such as 5 axis machining, CNC Milling, CNC Turning and EDM Wire Erosion. The brochure also includes information on our commitment to quality inspection, which plays an integral part of Amdale’s success.

Other highlights of the new brochure include our product photography which showcases a range of our components that have been machined using the services that we offer. We did not want to produce the initial brochure that was focused towards a particular sector, because Amdale offer sub-contracting services, we serve a number of different market sectors. We hope to develop the e-brochure further by creating a range of brochures suited to each segment of our customer base i.e. aerospace, medical, oil & gas, automotive and motorsport. By doing this we feel will provide our customers with the initial relevant information they need for their projects.

Visit our website to download your copy of our new brochure which provides information on our services, or email for all enquiries.