A proud day for Portsmouth

We are pleased to be a long term part of the Portsmouth engineering community and are proud to welcome HMS Queen Elizabeth ,the newest and largest ship in the Royal Navy, to our city.
We are looking forward to supporting her as she joins the fleet over the next few decades.

Amdale’s first major Aerospace project proves an exciting challenge

We were excited to announce today that our long hard road for AS/EN9100 has paid off. The Amdale team were excited to win a major contract from a world leading provider in the Aerospace industry.

The complex CNC machining project required the ever-tricky combination of high-quality work and a quick turnaround. Thankfully the Amdale team were more than up to the task; it took the team just two weeks from the confirmation of the contract to the first batch being delivered. That includes drawing, production, quality assurance and delivery.


The manufacturing of these intricate pieces, some of which measured at over 800mm long tested our seven state of the art 5-Axis machines to their maximum capacity.

The justifiably tight control of process and material characteristics demanded by the aerospace industry ensured that speed was not the only priority in this project but also quality and conformity. The consistency of the machines and minimal margin of error was essential for ensuring the quality of the delivered product while keeping costs low for the customer.

This quick turnaround was an exciting challenge to the Amdale team, and we were delighted to fulfil this contract and look forward to working with similar Defence and Aerospace companies in the future. If you would like to speak to someone in the Amdale team to find out how we can meet your requirements let us know by contacting us

Exciting new projects at Amdale

The busy Formula One season draws to a close for us; we are now spending our Sundays watching all the parts we have made during this winter spinning around the circuits of the world with great pride and pleasure.

The rest of the company have been busy too, one particular project of note has been supplying a collection of large 5 axis CNC machined parts for a test rig for composite structures. These were both CNC 5- Axis Milled and CNC turned. These parts were all produced from CAD Data, at no point were designs formally drawn up, massively reducing the time spent on each project, lowering the cost and turnaround time for both us and our customers.


Some of these parts weighed more than the guys machining them, but even with this extreme weight, we were able to finish the product with a fine tolerance, quality surface finish to the same exacting standard as any other project that passes through the doors here in Portsmouth.

At the other end of the scale, manufacture of bearing blocks in high end, oil loaded plastic remains something our team keep working on.     This Ertalyte – TX material is a pleasure to machine and proved to have a consistently excellent surface finish while holding tight tolerances, including threaded sections. These parts were dimensionally matched to fine tolerance Aluminium parts, often complex shaped, elements of the same system. Customer was delighted and the timescales achieved amazed us all.




We aim to keep the blog updated with all of our activities and it is a great place to find a solution to your Wire eroding, CNC turning and milling projects. Make sure you check back regularly to keep up to date with one of the South’s premier machining companies.

If you would like more information on any of the projects described in this article or anywhere else on the blog, or would like to discuss your requirements, drop us an email on sales@amdale.co.uk and we would love to hear from you.







New Sales Team appointment

We are pleased to appoint Nigel Bowes as Sales Manager working alongside James Francis supporting customers with quotations and technical support. Nigel has had a long career in Engineering Sales and Procurement roles with spells at Cobham, Smiths and Airbus amongst others. Nigel will be focussed on new business opportunities both with new customers and developing existing customers.

New CNC Lathe Investment

We are once more investing in enhanced Capability and Capacity. A DMG MORI SEIKI type NLX 2500SY.700 CNC Lathe has been purchased and will be commissioned during January. This state of the art additional machine will help reduce lead times for CNC turning requirements and will allow us to continue to offer fast, efficient, cost competitive machining solutions for both small and medium batch sizes. Talk to Nigel or James for more information and a competitive quote.